Sunday, March 19, 2006

Perpetual Victims Syndrome

Check this out.

When police in London arrest muslims for openly inciting violence and murder, it gets put in the category called "Islamophobia" on The Muslim News website. Anything to be portrayed as the victim.....

Watch the video of the muslim demonstration in front of the Danish embassy in London here

More videos here

If your wondering how islam got the 'religion of peace and tolerance' lable, its probably this verse which calls all non-muslims the 'worst of creatures'. quran 98:06 Or all this. Remember that the next time a politician tries to sugarcoat islam. This politically correct sugarcoating by politicians is selling out the free world each and every time.

The motives of islam to exploit this very politically correct nature is so blatantly obvious its time the world woke up.

Click the pic for full size.

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