Thursday, January 19, 2006

Slavery In Islam

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islam thievery and slavery

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Question 1928

What is the ruling of Slavery in Islam? How can a person be a slave to someone other than Allah SWT.

Please explain the concept of slavery in Islaam. Is it alowed in this day and age? If there was an Islamic government then would slavery be allowed. Please explain te issue in detail as we are not knowledge in the islamic rulings.

Answer 1928

Allah is our creator and ultimate Master. We, as his creations and slaves are obliged to express our servitude to Him Alone. If one does not submit his slavery to Allah, which of course is far more heinous and unjust to Allah in comparison to the 'injustices' of slavery and sexual relationship, etc. by a human master. Since the human being did not willingly submit to the ultimate Master, Allah, He condemns them to the unwilling slavery of his sincere slaves. And by understanding the powers of a man master, they may understand the Powers of the True Master, Allah. In fact, the concept of slavery should be regarded as a concept of mercy, as the heinous crime of rejecting Allah as our Master demands immediate terminating of life. Allah, our kind Master, has granted an opportunity to his very negators to enjoy a second chance of life and redirect it to the right avenue by submitting to Him as the ultimate Master. and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best Mufti Ebrahim Desai FATWA DEPT.

Woo Hoo!!! Keep letting those immigrants pour in! Nothing like some good ol 7th century superstition to make a true 'mutli-cultural' society. I'm sure your future generations will thank you for selling them out to these zealots.

Muslims can own muslim slaves:

quran 2.221 - Marry not idolatresses until they believe; a slave who believeth is better than an idolatress, though she please you more. And wed not your daughters to idolaters until they believe; for a slave who is a believer, is than better an idolater, though he please you. They invite to the Fire; but God inviteth to Paradise, and to pardon, if he so will, and maketh clear his signs to men that they may remember.

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