Monday, August 01, 2005

Torah Bible Quran

A short story.

Mr. Quran walks into a job interview and is greeted by Mr. Boss.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Boss".

"Hello, I'm Mr. Quran,". Says Mr. Quran in a very mellow peaceful sounding voice.

Mr. Boss looks over Mr. Quran's resume and says:

"I see you've cited Mr. Torah and Mr. Bible as references (quran 2.62, 5.69).

"Yes, that's true". Says Mr. Quran.

"I'm going to call them to see what they have to say about you". Says Mr. Boss.

"Ok." says Mr. Quran.

Mr. Boss calls Mr. Torah and Mr. Torah answers and says "Hello?".

Mr. Boss says: "Hello, this is Mr. Boss. I'm interviewing Mr. Quran and he has cited you as a reference. What do you have to say about him?"

Mr. Torah says: "I've never heard of a Mr. Quran".

Mr. Boss says "Ok, thank you for your time. Goodbye".

Then Mr. Boss calls Mr. Bible and asks about Mr. Quran.

Mr. Bible says: "Mr. Quran is a total liar. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Dont believe a word he says. He has been going around trying to thieve my identity for some time now" He is a con artist who makes these claims so he can have all the women he wants (quran 33.50), he incites war and fighting so he can get a kickback of the spoils for him and his family and give people a financial incentive to fight for him (quran 8.41), and to sweeten the deal he reminds them that they can rape the women they obtain" (quran 4.24). I could go on and on. Avoid this guy like the plague".

"Ok, thank you, goodbye". Says Mr. Boss to Mr. Bible.

"Hmmm." Says Mr. Boss to Mr. Quran. "It seems that Mr. Torah doesnt know you and Mr. Bible says not to belive a word you say".

Upon hearing this Mr. Quran's tone changes dramatically and he becomes enraged and jumps up and starts throwing things around the room. Foaming at the mouth he says: "They are liars! They are corrupt and you shouldnt befriend them! (quran 5.51). They are the scum of the earth! (quran 98.6, 9.28).

Noticing the peculiar change of tone from Mr. Quran, Mr. Boss thinks for a moment and says:

"Well Mr. Quran... I'm not going to hire you".

"WHY NOT??!!! YOU MUST!!!!!" YOU DONT HAVE A CHOICE IN THIS MATTER!!!! (quran 9.33, 8.39 etc). Says Mr. Quran, still rabidly foaming at the mouth.

Mr. Boss says: "Well, I would never hire someone who claims that their very references are corrupt lying scum of the earth".

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